This made my day.

Tsundere Course

so sugoi!


rachel’s tsundere rattlesnake


rachel’s tsundere rattlesnake

no, sweetheart, you put your witty little after comments in the TAGS, not the title.

oops! sorry Ms. Tsundere!

I am a strong woman!…inside <:7?


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THIS! LOL so threatmantic. P.S. i dont ship anything!

i liked 413 posts! wow im a nerd.

what if they were never witches?
Come watch this Tinychat: http://tinychat.com/moriparty

Come watch this Tinychat: http://tinychat.com/moriparty

Super Duper Hero :3

Random Superhero Generator!

enthusiastic-lion combats combatants wielding a toxic chainsaw that can force adversaries to tell the truth. He also developed the talent to spin like a whirlwind, but can only do so once an hour. enthusiastic-lion can become tiny and he has an unusual massive subterranean lair, however doing so drains his leadership ability for six seconds. Also, he has mastered the ability to fire lightning bolts from his whip toward a single foe, but never in bright light. enthusiastic-lion has a reputation for an outstanding knack at fighting in the dark and he can confuse the thinking of an opponent, but this power fades when he is knocked unconscious. He is able to change shape into a lynx. Tragically, enthusiastic-lion becomes ill-mannered in the presence of sand.